JustFoodERP Valued for Regulatory Compliance and Preventing Food Safety Incidents

JustFoodERP is featured in the current issue of Manufacturing and Supply Chain.  The article is titled, “Technology Elements Critical for Food Safety and Quality” and was authored by manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler. 


JustFoodERP (www.JustFoodERP.com) includes ERP business software for the food industry.  This industry specific solution also provides support for other key requirements including food safety software, product lifecycle management, reporting software, and CRM software for food industry. JustFoodERP is food management software and food service software, which offers the necessary tools in order to improve business practices.  By using this food industry software companies are better able to save time and improve the quality of products and services.


Driving Principles of Regulatory Compliance


Dan Rowe, Product Manager at JustFoodERP suggests, “Regulatory compliance is not just about the regulations. Many regulatory authorities discuss the risk of food safety incidents as one of their driving principles. Regulations focus on both minimizing risk, through Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), and responding to incidents, through recalls. Food companies should regard regulations in the same way. How aggressive a food company becomes in compliance efforts should be based on the risk level of an incident.”


Some food categories have a higher risk of an incident than others. Categories that process or sell fresh product (for example, seafood, meats, fruits and vegetables, and dairy) are at higher risk. These high-risk categories make up 33 percent (UK) to 54 percent (France) of food spending in the European Union and 44 percent in the United States.8 Companies dealing in these categories need to be more aggressive in their compliance efforts.


Preventing Food Safety Incidents


When making decisions regarding compliance efforts, companies must look beyond the traditional view of compliance and take a holistic approach. Dealing with the potential business problems associated with food safety incidents means collecting and organizing required information as well as preventing incidents.


Efforts should be made to reduce the risk of an incident by improving physical security, quality control, manufacturing procedures, and communications with suppliers along with other efforts.


Responding to Food Safety Incidents Quickly


Regulatory authorities need to know food companies are in control and ready to respond quickly to a food safety incident. The implementation of compliance processes must recognize this need and provide the ability to prove compliance. Mock recalls (in preparation for a real recall) prove that a company is ready in case of a real recall. Rowe insists, “The ERP system should enable mock recalls to be done quickly. For example, responding to the U.S. Bioterrorism Act requirement for a four-hour response can typically be reduced to minutes with an effective ERP system.”



JustFoodERP software offers an integrated solution, which can be easily accessed by different departments. Food inventory software, food processing software, food production software helps department managers to access the information needed to improve the bottom line. The ERP software for food industry lowers inventory costs, improves food safety, and manages customer compliance.


JustFoodERP software maintains food safety standards because it has built-in quality procedures that enforce quality audits at various stages after receiving through to shipping. Whether viewing inventory levels or production capacity, companies need the latest technology food management software.


JustFoodERP is a vertically focused software company providing software and services powered by the Microsoft Dynamics platform. The company has joined the prestigious 2010 Inner Circle for Microsoft Dynamics, an elite group of the most strategic Microsoft Dynamics partners from across the globe whose sales achievements rank them in the highest echelon of the Microsoft Dynamics global network of partners. Members of the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle have performed to a high standard of excellence by delivering valuable solutions that help organizations achieve increased success. JustFoodERP is recognized by Microsoft as one of the most successful business partners, deployed by over 150 customers in North America.





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