Dining Reservation Software Helps You Make Contact With New and Loyal Customers

The customer history database is one of the most valuable tools you and your staff will use in your dining reservation software. With the customer history database, you will be able to keep track of all the important contact and correspondence you’ve had with your loyal customers, and even the first timers that came into your restaurant most recently. This contact includes both telephone conversations and email correspondence. You will also have access to their contact information, in case you have to ask them about upcoming reservations or change some aspect of the evening they’re planning at your establishment. In addition to the contact you’ve had with your customers, you can also keep a record of their buying history at your establishment and the number of times they typically visit the restaurant on a weekly, monthly, or even annual basis.

Perhaps you host a client or two who cancels their reservations at the last moment more often than they actually make it into your restaurant. You can keep track of this information as well with the customer history database in dining reservation software. It can help you be more readily prepared to give away those reservations at a moment’s notice when that particular client calls to cancel. You can also be prepared for that scenario when you have customers that are frequent and notorious no-shows. As a restaurateur, you undoubtedly want to know as much information as you can about the special events coming up in your customers’ lives. This could include wedding anniversaries, engagement celebrations, graduation parties, and birthday bashes. With the help of dining reservation software, you and your staff will be able to keep track of this information and offer your customers even better, more personalized service on those special occasions.

In order to keep up contact with your faithful clients and create contact with your newest customers, dining reservation software offers integrated email tools, as well as other ways to remind your customers to keep coming back to your establishment. The email tools in dining reservation software will automatically send our reminders to your customers, when an email address if available, about their upcoming reservations. You have control of when these reminders are sent to your guests, as well as how many are sent to any customer. For example, you might have a customer who prefers to be reminded about their dining reservations the morning before the actual event. Another of your customers may frequently forget about the reservations unless they are twice a week for two weeks before the reservation actually takes place. You have control over the email reminders you send to your customers.

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