Catering Management Software Will Keep You on Schedule

Many caterers are buying catering management software because it is literally helping them in every aspect of their business. With this software, your business can truly become more productive as you are able to finish your tasks more quickly and stick to an organized and effective schedule. The schedule and event reminder program is probably the most widely used aspect of catering management software throughout the food industry. With daily, weekly, and monthly calendars, you’ll be able to instantly view everything you have to accomplish today, tomorrow, and even three months from now. And even if you don’t get a chance to check your schedule for a day or so, you won’t forget your important appointments with the built-in event reminder system. It won’t let you forget the things you need to accomplish.

In addition to helping you becoming more punctual and organized, catering management software can also keep track of your most important documents.

Besides your master menu and other event preparations, your customer invoices are perhaps some of the most important records you’ll keep. Customer contracts are equally important, and now you can have both of them ready to view right in your catering management software. These documents can easily be emailed to your client in order to encourage a prompt payment for your services. Your accounts receivable will also be kept in check through this software, so you can know at any given time how much cash you currently have and how much you are scheduled to receive.

Catering management software can also help you with your master menu proposals because of the large recipe repository you’ll have at your fingertips.

You can store virtually all of your recipes in the program, so it will be easy for you and your clients to find the ones that are perfect for the upcoming function. These recipes will be divided into one or more categories that can include theme and ingredient. So if you have a client who wants some meat and vegetable dishes to go with her “Old West” party theme, you’ll be able to quickly find your recipes for baked and breaded chicken and fried okra, both of which will likely be under your “Southern Dishes” category.

If you’re looking for even more great ways to use your catering management software, you can purchase additional programs that offer even more easy-to-use services. One of these programs might be the room layout and design feature. If you and your staff are unable to see the hall in which you’ll be catering an upcoming event for more than a few minutes, you may need room layout and design. This program will allow you to create a virtual layout of the hall so that you and your staff can be more prepared for the big night. This will also help you determine just how many members of your staff you’ll need at the event, so you won’t be in danger of bringing too many or too few of your employees to cover the job.

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